Openings: LUMAS Gallery on Conduit Street & Louise Bourgeois at 23 Saville Row

Conduit Street was a buzzing art hub last night, as LUMAS opened their first London gallery space, and Hauser & Wirth opened Louise Bourgeois’ exhibition in their new space on Saville Row. 
The premise of LUMAS is good quality, affordable art. The space avoids looking like a shopping mall store with clever display techniques and, for the most part, striking art work. LUMAS definitely fills a gap in the London art market – for buyers who are past buying poster art, but who cannot yet afford to spend thousands. 
PR Manager for LUMAS, Jan Seewald, on the left

There was lots of interest in many of the works on sale and we loved the freshness of Julia Christie’s images. You will find a mixture of up and coming artists and well-known names (including Nan Goldin and Zaha Hadid). 
The work on display will be regularly updated, as well as introducing single artist exhibitions from January 2011. 

Fashion photography

Sally enjoying the portrait photography at LUMAS
Just across the road, Hauser & Wirth were noisily celebrating the opening of their new space at 23 Saville Row, with an amazingly popular Louise Bourgeois exhibition: ‘Louise Bourgeois: The Fabric Works‘. The exhibition consists of over 70 fabric drawings made between 2002 and 2008, and four large-scale sculptures. 
Happy chaos at Louise Bourgeois
It seemed like the whole of London had turned out for the opening, which appeared to be a resounding success. I actually saw an exhibition by Bourgeois at the Guggenheim, New York, in 2008 (will post pics soon), which featured some of the infamous spider sculptures – the knees of which you can just about see above! The exhibition is open from today until the 18th of December 2010.
Some of the featured fabric drawings
Another large-scale sculpture
The talk of the town…

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