Fashion on Film

Having nearly finished my dissertation about the future of the catwalk I squealed, with what can only be described as delight, at reading the Independent’s fashion section this morning. Headline: ‘Is this the death knell for the fashion show? The front-row ticket is so last year.’

Is there still a place for ‘catwalk spectaculars?
I have been writing about how the new generation of fashion film makers will be taking over the traditional catwalk, what with the rise of social media and the economic crisis taking its toll on thousand/million pound fashion shows. I have had to argue both sides, what would life be without the catwalk spectaculars from Chanel, Galliano and McQueen? But the more I have read, the more I can see how the industry would lean towards showing on film, and the spectaculars becoming more spectacular in their infrequency. Let me know what you think…

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